Continuously improving


As a responsible business we want to play a prominent role in enabling fashion sector transformation. Every part of the fashion industry has to contribute to a better future - protecting our planet and improving the lives of workers and communities. The linear approach to growth - make, use, dispose - needs to be replaced by more circular business models and practices.
We believe in the power of collaboration and accept that complex sector challenges cannot be solved in solo. We actively participate in relevant social and environmental initiatives, bringing our experience and ideas and taking collective action through strong business partnerships. We don’t stop at meeting the high standards of responsible manufacturing determined by our global clients, we strive for continuous improvement across all aspects of our business. As part of this approach we refreshed our ESG policies and commitments in August 2023 and will report our progress annually.


Be a great partner

We are a committed and expert partner, passionate about working with our clients and the wider apparel sector to achieve the highest environmental and social standards.

In collaboration with our clients we test and implement design and processing interventions that continuously move us closer to our collective goals.

Invest in our people

Learning and adaptability are our keywords. We invest in skills and innovation to take a prominent role in the fashion industry's evolution towards a more sustainable and circular model.

We are training our global teams to understand, define and create solutions to support this transition, and we recognise the power of considered design in addressing environmental impacts. We are proud to be a diverse, equitable and inclusive business, constantly improving to serve the needs of our global clients, colleagues and communities.

Be open and transparent

With strong internal governance of ESG, supported with policies and employee training, we are living the Padma values and principles throughout our operation.

Effective communication is key to reaching our goals and those of our clients - keeping our clients informed of progress, and disclosing information to help informed decision making that will make a difference to workers and the planet.

Our commitments: